Benefits of Beans
Bean is a common name for large plant seeds used for human food or animal feed .
1. What are Haricot Beans
Haricot beans are cream or whitish colored beans, used as staple ingredients in preparing homemade baked beans. Also known by different names, they are small sized and oval to flattened shaped beans sold in grocery centers. As with other types of beans, dried haricot beans require soaking for at least 6 8 hours prior to cooking. This reduces the preparation period and effort needed for making yummy haricot dishes. Soaked beans are also easier to digest, when compared to the dried version.
2. Haricot Beans Nutrition
Pulses and legumes contain high percentage of proteins and carbohydrates. The same nutrient data is applicable to haricot beans. Serving 100 g of dried haricot beans provide 21.5 g proteins, 45.5 g carbohydrates, 2.4 g fiber and 1.5 g fats. Other highly appropriated haricot beans nutrition facts are the presence of high amounts of calcium (about 180 mg in 100 g beans) and iron (about 6.8 mg in 100 g beans). In short, haricot beans are good sources of mineral nutrients required for normal functioning of the body.
3. Description
Haricot beans are small dry white beans which are a staple in baked bean dishes along with soups and chilis. There are numerous alternate names for haricot beans including Boston beans, navy beans, pearl haricots, and fagioli. The beans are roughly oval shaped and flattened, with a pure white edible skin. The flavor of haricot beans is relatively bland. Vegetarians in particular use haricot beans extensively, and they can supplement and enrich an assortment of dishes
4. Cooking Haricot Beans
While purchasing white haricot beans, avoid pale colored or discolored beans. These indicate poor preservation conditions, which in turn reduce haricot beans nutritional value. If you are planning to prepare haricot dishes, make sure you pick through beans for removing unwanted stones and impurities. Following this, consider soaking beans in enough water overnight or all day long, so as to soften the skin and flesh of beans. Rinse the soaked beans repeatedly to get rid of preservatives (if any).
5. Soaked Haricot beans
The beans will cook more quickly and be easier to digest if they are soaked first. Soaking helps to soften the outer skin of the bean, allowing the beans to absorb more water and break down as they cook. Undercooked beans can cause intestinal distress and the infamous toot associated with excessive bean consumption, so make sure that the beans are all the way cooked before you serve them.

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