Benefits of Black Pepper
Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit.
26. Gastro diseases
Black pepper eases the digestion process by secreting hydrochloric acid as an alert before food consumption and hence, helps in prevention of diseases related to the intestine and stomach.
27. Bacterial infections
Black pepper helps in treating diseases caused due to bacteria. The influence of black pepper has been observed while treating conditions like constipation, diarrhoea and colic.
28. Cough and cold
Surprisingly, the spice is also acts as a remedy for cough and cold. The antibacterial properties of black pepper are used for treating respiratory disorders. black pepper actually has healthful properties. Of all of the benefits of this spice, it is its ability to enhance the function of the digestive tract that makes it a good reason to put it in the dishes you cook.
29. Flu and congestion
Black pepper eases congestion. The freeradical scavenging activity of black pepper helps in treatment of cancer. It slows down the activity of some types of cancer. Black pepper finds its application in skin cancer.
30. Free radical suspension
It generates free radical killing action that curbs the cancerous activities in the body. The reason that pepper was so cherished is that it served important culinary purposes. Not only could its pungency spice up otherwise bland foods, but it could disguise a foods lack of freshness, the latter being an especially important quality in the times before efficient means of preservation.

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