Benefits of Black Pepper
Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit.
41. Hair Revitalization
Mixture a teaspoonful of ground black pepper and lemon seeds and apply to your scalp and hair. This will revitalize your hair, making it shiny, lustrous and soft. Leave the mixture on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water.
42. How to select
Black pepper can be found in crushed and whole varieties. Whole peppercorns are better as they are mostly adulterated. While purchasing whole peppercorns, always make sure that they are small, heavy and free of blemishes.
43. To store black pepper
To store black pepper, keep them in a glass jar that is wellsealed and airtight and store the container in a cool and dry place. Ground pepper can be stored for about 3 months while whole peppercorns can be stored for an indefinite amount of time. Freezing pepper is also a great storage method although the taste may change a little and become stronger.
44. Improve Digestion and Promote Intestinal Health
Black pepper (Piper nigrum)stimulates the taste buds in such a way that an alert is sent to to the stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion, thereby improving digestion. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the digestion of proteins and other food components in the stomach.
45. Description
Black pepper comes from the berries of the pepper plant. Black pepper, green pepper and white peppercorns are actually the same fruit (Piper nigrum); the difference in their color is a reflection of varying stages of development and processing methods.

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