Benefits of Black raisins
Black raisin, the most popular variety of dried grape, is widely known for its sugary taste and jui
1. Black raisins
Black raisin, the most popular variety of dried grape, is widely known for its sugary taste and juicy flavour. But the truth is that this tiny fruit has much more to offer to us. It comes with quite a few medicinal properties, which help us to take proper care of our health. At the same time, several natural compounds present in it improve the texture of our skin and hair.
2. What are raisins
Raisins are dehydrated grapes that have been sun dried or heat dried. Even though very sweet grapes are selected for making raisins, most store bought raisins contain artificial sweeteners to make them even sweeter. You can avoid these artificially produced ones by making sure you purchase organic and naturally dried raisins, if available.
3. Description
Black Raisins also known as dried black grapes. The black raisins are generally used for many Indian deserts and Rice dishes and Kormas. Many Indian cooks prefer to use the golden raisins for some Indian sweets.
4. Keep your Blood Free from Impurities
Flawless skin is something that each and every girl desires. But it often becomes hard for us to keep our blood free from toxins, waste materials and a number of other impurities, which eventually result in dry, acne prone, unattractive facial skin. Here in comes the importance of black raisins. Being an excellent source of natural antioxidants, they accelerate the functions of the liver and the kidney.
5. Stay Away from Premature Aging
Black raisins are high in antioxidants as well as essential phytochemicals. Both these compounds are capable of protecting our skin cells from potential damage caused by long time exposure to the sun, excessive pollution, and so on. As they can prevent the disintegration of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) of our skin cells by combating free radicals, our immunity goes high and the elasticity of our muscle fibers gets boosted largely.

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