Benefits of Custard Apple
Custard apple, is a common name for a fruit, and the tree which bears it, Annona reticulata.
1. Custard Apple
Custard Apple is a sweet fruit, which is widely grown across the world. The fruit is compound in nature, measuring 3? to 6? inches (816 cm) in diameter. The shape of the fruit may be symmetrically heartshaped, lopsided, or irregular. It may be nearly round or oblate, with a deep or shallow depression at the base. The skin or covering of custard apple is thin but tough, which is usually yellow or brownish when ripe.
2. Description
Custard apple is a tropical branched tree or shrub, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. It grows around 3 meters to 8 meters in length. The leaves are thin and oblong, while the flowers are greenish yellow. The conical fruit, with a purple knobby skin, is very sweet and eaten fresh or can be used for milkshakes, ice creams and even sherbets. The fruit is juicy and creamywhite and looks like a giant raspberry. The plant is native to both America and India. It is popularly known as andSharifaand in India.
3. History
The native of custard apple is said to be West Indies, but the fruit was carried through Central America to southern Mexico. For a long time, the custard apple was grown and naturalized in countries like Peru and Brazil. Evidence suggests that these fruits have been cultivated in the Bahamas, Bermuda and southern Florida. This fruit quickly spread across tropical Africa around the 17th century and was grown in South Africa as a dooryard fruit tree. In India, the custard apple was prevalent in parts of Kolkata.
4. Healthy Skin and Hair
Custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturisation and antiaging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of custard apple is helpful in combating against tooth decay and gum pain.
5. HyperThyroidism
Custard apples are good for those who need to gain weight. mixture of honey and custard apple when consumed regularly will help add on the required weight and those much required calories. All in the healthy way.

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