Benefits of Dates
Phoenix dactylifera is a palm in the genus Phoenix, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Great Energy Booster
Dry dates consist of a huge amount of natural sugar (glucose and fructose), which eventually makes them a great energy booster. You can enhance your physical stamina to a greater extent with the help of these nourishing fruits.

History of Dates
Cures Intoxication
Fights Ageing Promotes Skin Youthfulness
Boost Energy
Packed with Calories
Sexual Weakness
Great Energy Booster
Increase Vitamin and Mineral Intake
Disadvantage of Dates
Cures Constipation
Repairs Damaged Skin Cells
Anti Inflammatory
Night Blindness
Reduced Blood Pressure
Benefits Cardiovascular System
Energy Booster
Promoting Digestive Health and Relieving Constipation

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  • Herbal Medicine - Karavella

    Known as: Bitter gourd (E), Bitter melon (E), Karella (H)
    Karavella is a common vegetable also used to regulate blood sugar levels and treat urinary disorders. It is a very bitter remedy that has a wonderful healing effect on the blood.

    Diabetes Karavella has become renowned for its antidiabetic properties. Charantin is an effective hypoglycaemic and the polypeptide P lowers blood sugar levels more effectively than insulin without some of the side-effects (Murray 1992). The bitter principle clears the kapha that is obstructing the pancreatic function in diabetes and stimulates medodhatvagni to metabolise fats and sugars efficiently. It reduces blood and urine sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance. Digestion It acts as an anthelmintic in the intestines. It has the added vermicidal effect of flushing bacterial and parasitic infections from the intestines as it mildly purges the bowel. It also reduces inflammation in the intestines. A special quality of karavella is that it does not aggravate vata, which is rare for a bitter substance (Bhavaprakasa). Urine Its effect on the water channels (ambuvahasrotas) helps to clear kapha from the system. It can be included in a formula for urinary stones as it has a direct effect on the urinary channel (mutravahasrotas) . Skin Its alterative nature treats inflammatory skin conditions and benefits bhrajaka pitta. Having a thorough effect on the detoxifying capabilities of the whole system it regulates ranjaka pitta, clears bile from the liver, acid via the urine and toxaemia via the bowel. Blood It has an affinity for the blood. It is a traditional remedy for anaemia as it stimulates the tissue fires (dhatvagni) to work at optimum efficiency. It helps to build haemoglobin count by enhancing absorption (Bhavaprakasa).
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