Benefits of Ginger
Ginger or ginger root is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, consumed as a delicacy.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Ginger is an herb
Healing benefits of Ginger
Side Effects
Ginger is a flexible ingredient
Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
Remedies Motion Sickness
Improves absorption
Cold and Flu Prevention
Combats Stomach Discomfort
Colon Cancer Prevention
Reduce Pain and Inflammation
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Ginger Strengthens Immunity
Combats Morning Sickness
Ginger helps digestion
Ginger has been linked with many health benefits
Fresh is best
Ginger should not be wrinkly or dark
Ginger makes an excellent tea
Ginger root nutrition facts
Health benefits of ginger root
Medicinal uses
Ginger might reduce blood pressure
Ginger might decrease blood sugar
Pregnancy Related Nausea and Vomiting
Cognition Enhancer
Pain Relief
Tummy Soother
Fresh ginger
absorption and assimilation
Joint pain
Get rid of throat and nose congestion
Ginger and Herb Rice
Ginger In Your Juice
Gingery Dessert
Ginger is an Antioxidant
Ginger Is An Antibiotic
GingerIs An Aphrodisiac
Ginger Reduces Cholesterol
Ginger in Various health problems
Reduces ear pain
Acidity and Flatulence
menstrual problems
Nausea caused by chemotherapy
Liver damage caused by acetaminophen
Relieves Tired Muscles
Helps Manage Glucose Levels
Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients
Blocks Acid from Heartburn
Clears Sinuses
Improves Your Breath
Strengthens Immunity
Protects Against Nuclear Radiation
Home Remedies using Ginger
Growing Ginger at Home
strong and spicy aroma
used for the treatment
Respiratory problems
Treating nausea and vomiting
Remedy for loss of appetite
Aiding in digestion
Ginger is Anti flatulence
Reduce menstrual pain
Relieve headache
Nausea and motion sickness
A dose of ginger
capsules or powder
Clears Blemishes and Acne
Tones Skin
Good for Dry and Brittle Hair
Treatment of Split Ends
Treatment of Hair Loss
Treatment of Dandruff
Nutritional Value of Ginger
Heal burnt skin
Anti ageing Benefits
Treatment of Hypopigmented Scars
Relief from Heartburn
Anti flatulence
Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy
Menstrual Cramp Relief
Ginger root for Hair
Aids digestion

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  • Add colour to your health with colour-charged water.

    For this technique, coloured bottles are needed. These bottles should be cleaned and filled up to three-fourths level with fresh well water, distilled water or rain water. The bottles should be corked and then placed in bright sunlight for three to four hours. After this exposure, the water is said to acquire medicinal properties and this colour-charged water can be used both internally and for external applications. Wounds and ulcers can be washed with this water and it can also be used to massage the affected parts or applied as compress on them. For internal use, an adult can take 30 ml. of colour-charged water as a single dose. The dose can be repeated as required.
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