Benefits of Lychees
It is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
source of B complex
It is a very good source of Bcomplex vitamins such as thiamin, niacin and folates. These vitamins are essential since they function by acting as cofactors to help body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Lychee is loaded with vitamin C, providing 119% of the recommended daily value in one serving. This further protects against colds and other infections, helps the body develop resistance, and fights inflammation.

Facts about Lychee
manufacturing in China
The Sweet Cliff
Kwai Mai Pink lychee
Fiber And Carbohydrates
Vitamin B
The Emperor lychee
Protection from Free Radicals
Prevents growth of cancer cells
Nutritional value of lychee
source of B complex
Good for gastrointestinal health
How to eat Lychee
Prevents anemia
Tips for Usage Cooking
Lychee is rich in dietary fiber
Cures Constipation

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