Benefits of Oranges
The orange is the fruit of the citrus species Citrus A sinensis in the family Rutaceae.
1. Description
Oranges are one of the most popular fruits around the world. While they are delightful as a snack or as a recipe ingredient, for many Americans, it is their juice that is most associated with good health, having a reputation for being an integral part of a healthy breakfast.Oranges are round citrus fruits with finelytextured skins that are, of course, orange in color just like their pulpy flesh. They usually range from about two to three inches in diameter.
2. History
Oranges originated thousands of years ago in Asia, in the region from southern China to Indonesia from which they spread to India. Although Renaissance paintings display oranges on the table in paintings of The Last Supper, the assumption that they were grown in this region at this time seems to be erroneous since oranges were not cultivated in the Middle East until sometime around the 9th century.
3. Safety profile
Insecticide sprays are widely applied over orange crops. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the fruits in cold running water before use. Organic orange fruits are devoid of these chemicals and are best suited for zest preparation.
4. Helps Prevent Cancer
Oranges are rich in citrus limonoids,proven to help fight a number of varieties of cancerincluding that of the skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon. Orange fruit juice is a well cherished drink all over the world. However, raw fruits are considered wholesome than their juice in terms of antioxidant benefits. Soluble and insoluble fiber content is also lessened to a great degree in the juice.
5. Prevents Kidney Diseases
Drinking orange juice regularly prevents kidney diseases and reduces the risk of kidney stones. Drink juice in moderate amounts. The high sugar content of fruit juices can cause tooth decay and the high acid content can wear away enamel if consumed in excess.

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