Benefits of Plum
A plum is a drupe fruit of the subgenus Prunus of the genus Prunus.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Plums are a small stone fruit
Plums are a small stone fruit related to nectarines and peaches. They tend to have a sweet and tart taste, and you can eat them as is or use them in a variety of recipes, including plum wine, pickled plums and plum jam. Plums are low in calories and offer several beneficial nutrients, so adding them to your diet can be beneficial.

How to Enjoy
Vitamin K
Lower blood sugar
Nervous System
Cancer prevention
In Depth Nutritional Profile
Cardiovascular Health
Culinary Usage
Individual Concerns
Plum Blossoms
Minerals like potassium
Magnesium in plum
Diuretic and detoxifying effect
Lose weight naturally
Plums are a small stone fruit
Tips for Preparing Plums

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  • Herbal Medicine - Hingu

    Known as: Asafoetida (E), Devil's dung (E), Hingu (H)
    Hingu is a very calming herb used to treat spasmodic pain. It first stimulates but then, like most stimulants, causes a burning out and dullness of the mind. It is a very useful, pungently aromatic, antispasmodic and carminative herb.

    Digestion Its sharp, hot and unctuous property helps to clear high vata in the digestive tract, treating bloating, flatulence, colic and undigested food in the stool; it moves samana vayu and draws apana vayu down. Hingu is useful for addressing flora imbalance, especially Candida albicans and worms (Tierra 1992, Bhavaprakasa). Its hot quality strengthens agni but can easily aggravate pitta (Bhavaprakasa). Nerves An excellent antispasmodic in cough, asthma, cramps and intestinal spasm. It prevents apana vayu from reversing its flow upwards and sends it down (Lad & Frawley 1994). It is of benefit in high vata conditions such as paralysis, sciatica and epilepsy as it nourishes majja dhatu. Useful for stagnation in the nervous system due to exhaustion or blockages. Heart Its stimulating properties can help to clear cardiac pain and other vata disorders caused by obstructed vyana vayu. Gynaecology It immediately enters artava srotas via rasa dhatu and has a powerful influence on menstruation. It can specifically clear leucorrhoea with a kapha pathology. It has a beneficial effect on ovulation and menstruation as it warms the uterus and prevents spasms. Reproduction As a hot and stimulating herb it can be used for cold and sluggish conditions such as low libido and impotence. It can also benefit infertility when there is a congested uterus from excess kapha.
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