Benefits of Rambutan fruits
The rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Rambutans fruits
Rambutan is the native fruit
Rambutan Nutritional Value
Treatment Of Different Ailments
Boosts Energy
Absorption Of Micro Nutrients
Eliminates Free Radicals
Generation Of White And Red Blood Cells
Removes Waste From Kidney
Source Of Iron
HIgh Fiber Content
Treating Common Illnesses
Antiseptic Properties
Kills Parasites
Hydrates Skin
Basic Hair Care
How to Select and Store
Tips for Usage
Skin care
Using a clean cloth
To treat disunity
To treat diabetes
To treat fever
Rambutan Tree
Nutritional Value
Health benefits of Rambutan
Very rich in iron
Most of the calories of rambutan
Rambutan is rich in sugar
Anti Cancer
Protector Free Radicals
Rich in Vitamin C
Formation of Blood
Healthy digestion
Decreases unwanted fat
Rambutan seeds consumed raw
Rambutan leaves for Hair care
Treats Dysentery
Treats Diabetes
Cures Fever
Increasing Energy
Strengthen Bones
Increase our immune system
Anti oxidant components
Protector of Free Radicals
Blood Formation
Help an individual prevent bowel problems
Improve sperm quality and cancer
More about Rambhutan
Origin and distribution
Nutritive Valuation on Rambutan
How to eat Rambutan
Usage and potential
Other uses
Uses of Rambutan Fruit
Rambutan benefits not only from the fruit
Dysentery treatment
Nourish hair
Healing fever
Diabetes treatment
Parts of the Rambutan fruit
Skin of the fruit
Bark of the tree
Leaf of the fruit
Seeds of rambutan
Use of Rambutan fruit
Useful aspects of the fruit
It is a wonder fruit
The high fiber content of the fruit
Improve the circulatory system
Vitamins and minerals
Good source of beta carotene
Rambutan Tropical Fruit Products
Rambutan juice
Rambutan Puree
Nutrition Facts for Raw Rambutan Pulp
Rambutans are also a good source of copper

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  • Herbal Medicine - Krishna Jiraka

    Known as: Black cumin (E), Love-in-the-mist (E), Kalonji (H)
    These little black seeds are marvellous for calming and strengthening digestion. It is an effective destagnator of the lungs, uterus, channels and mind.

    Digestion Black cumin has a specific affinity for purisavahasrotas and treats loose stool, diarrhoea, dysentery, bloating and gas. It also clears intestinal parasites (Bhavaprakasa). Lungs Asthma, cough, hayfever. Useful where there may be increased histamine release as it appears to have antiallergenic properties. Masses Clears tumours and masses. It contains ?-sitosterol, which has a specific anticarcinogenic activity acting on the breast (Tierra 1992, Duke 2004). It reduces toxic ama accumulations from all the dhatu . Gynaecology It clears kapha accumulations from the uterus, effectively treats dysmenorrhoea and an irregular menstrual cycle. It has a tonic effect on sukra and artava dhatu. It nourishes stanyavahasrotas and increases breast milk; use the seeds and oil . Liver Useful in congested liver, jaundice and poor fat metabolism. Its cleansing effect on ranjaka pitta can help in inflammatory eye disorders and pitta-type headaches that manifest with sharp pain at the vertex, temples and forehead . Nerves With a specific tonic effect on majja dhatu it directly calms the mind and is useful in nervous disorders. As a medhya herb it enhances the power of the brain and enhances clear thinking and concentration.
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