Benefits of Thyme
Thyme is an herb with culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. Thyme is of the genus Thymus.
1. Health benefits of thyme
The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) - usually referred to as "oil of thyme" - contains 20-54% thymol.thymol can reduce bacterial resistance to common drugs such as penicillin.
2. Herb with culinary
Thyme is an herb with culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. Thyme is of the genus Thymus, the most common being Thymus vulgaris.
3. Rich in nutrients
It is also a good source of manganese and vitamin K, which allow for antioxidant protection. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and oxidative stress, which increase the risk of cancer and heart disease and accelerate the aging process.
4. Anti inflammatory benefits
Several different studies have found that thyme contains anti-inflammatory properties and may help prevent chronic inflammation of the body.
5. A healthy heart
The antioxidant protection of thyme combined with its anti-inflammatory effects help to prevent cardiovascular disease as chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of heart disease.

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