Cholera is an infection of the intestine by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Cholera facts
Cholera is a disease caused by bacteria that produce a watery diarrhea that can rapidly lead to dehydration.Cholera symptoms and signs include a rapid onset of copious, smelly diarrhea that resembles rice water and may lead to signs of dehydration for example, vomiting, wrinkled skin, low blood pressure, dry mouth, rapid heart rate .

Preventing Cholera Infection
Pre appointment restrictions
Cholera vaccine
Kidney failure
Questions to ask your doctor
Cholera facts
Treatments and drugs
Drink only safe water
Cholera bacteria in the environment
cholera in children
Reduced or nonexistent stomach acid
Nausea and vomiting

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  • Herbal Medicine - Myrrh

    Known as: Myrrh (E), Bdellium gum (E), Bol (H)
    Myrrh is extracted as a resin from the trunk of this thorny desert shrub. Its main feature is an affinity for the blood, heart and female reproductive systems but it is also a great antibacterial.

    Heart Congestive heart disorders, hypercholesterol, atherosclerosis. As with all oleo-resins, it 'scrapes' cholesterol out of the body Lymph Lymphatic congestion, inflammation, lymphoedema; all fluid congestion and swellings in the body. It is used as a gargle for sore throats and spongy, bleeding gums . Gynaecology Endometriosis, fibroids, painful periods with clots, high pitta–kapha in apanaksetra, inflammation and congestion in the lower abdomen. Myrrh vigorously moves blood and 'breaks' stagnant pools of blood . Also used in amenorrhoea to stimulate blood flow. Pain All neuralgia around the body. Use externally to repair traumas, bruises and broken bones. Myrrh is a specific for treating arthritis and joint inflammation when slesaka kapha is causing swelling and degeneration of the joints . Mucous membranes Myrrh is the No.1 herb for mouth ulcers and cold sores. Its ability to increase white blood cell count is reflected in its popular use as a herbal antibiotic and antifungal effective against Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus. It helps to heal ulcerated intestinal surfaces .
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