Cholera is an infection of the intestine by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Nausea and vomiting
History of cholera
Muscle cramps
cholera in children
When to see a doctor
Cholera bacteria in the environment
Cholera bacteria in people
Surface or well water
Raw fruits and vegetables
Risk factors
Poor sanitary conditions
Reduced or nonexistent stomach acid
Household exposure
Type O blood
Raw or undercooked shellfish
Low blood sugar
Low potassium levels
Kidney failure
Preparing for your appointment
Pre appointment restrictions
Questions to ask your doctor
Tests and diagnosis
Treatments and drugs
Wash hands with soap and water frequently
Drink only safe water
Cholera vaccine
Preventing Cholera Infection
Cholera facts

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  • Herbal Medicine - Lemon And Lime

    Known as: Lemon (E), Bara nimbu (H); Lime (E), Nimbu (H)
    Lemons and limes are delicious remedies for treating the digestive and urinary systems with the added bonus of having a high vitamin content.

    Digestion Both lemon and lime aid digestion and agni by stimulating salivary and digestive secretions. The sour flavour has a sympathetic reaction on the liver, enhancing bile flow and the emulsion of fats. This aids its laxative effect and ability to clear stagnation in the bowels. It helps to enhance the appetite and is beneficial in anorexia, nausea (especially morning and travel sickness) and indigestion. The peel has a stronger effect on the digestive system. The limonene content is known to help dissolve gallstones and strong lemon juice can be drunk daily as a prophylactic . Lungs Lemon juice can help to calm a cough by clearing mucus and sedating vata. Its ability to draw tissues inwards, experienced as a 'puckering' effect, holds prana, blood and the tissues in place. It also has a strongly antibacterial action, which is used as a gargle to treat sore throats . Blood Lemon and lime have a direct affinity for the blood via their high vitamin C content. They directly nourish rasa and build nutritious fluids in the system. As the source of rasa is in the heart, they help to nourish the heart and benefit sadhaka pitta. Although the sour flavour can aggravate pitta and the blood, limes are an exception to this rule. It is an alterative that clears toxins from the blood. It can prevent bleeding of the gums and internal mucous membranes via its astringing action on capillaries and veins . Kidneys The high citrate content helps to reduce urinary calcium output which can help to prevent kidney stones . This beneficial effect on mutravahasrotas may help with other acidic conditions as it helps to reduce uric acid.
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