Easy alternative remedies. Candidiasis is a fungal infection due to any types of Candida .
1. Benefits of Star Anise - Antifungal Properties
When your body’s delicate balance of microbes is disturbed or your immune system is somehow weakened this yeast can grow unhindered and lead to serious infection known as Candidiasis. South Korean researchers found that extracts and essential oils of star anise exhibited strong antifungal properties when tested against Candida albicans.
2. Benefits of Mint Leaf - Candida
Mint may increase the effectiveness of medications used for yeast infections, also known as Candidiasis,mint extract showed a synergistic effect against several species of candida when used together with the antifungal drug metronidazole. Further studies are needed to confirm these preliminary studies. CoxHealth Medical Centers notes that while peppermint oil shows some effectiveness against candida in test tube studies, no clinical trials have been conducted to verify its usefulness in humans.
3. Benefits of Dill Seeds - Anti microbial effects
The essential oil produced from the seed of dill is found to be effective against vulvovaginal Candidiasis in immunosuppressed mice.
4. Benefits of Grapefruits - Atherosclerosis
Pectin in this fruit has been found to be effective in reducing the accumulation of arterial deposits, and the vitamin C helps to strengthen and maintain the elasticity of arteries. Grapefruit seed extract is applied to the skin as a facial cleanser, firstaid treatment, remedy for mild skin irritations, and as a vaginal douche for vaginal yeast infections(Candidiasis). It is also used as an ear or nasal rinse for preventing and treating infections; as a gargle for sore throats; and a dental rinse for preventing gingivitis and promoting healthy gums; and as a breath freshener.
5. Ebola Virus - Differential diagnosis
The symptoms of EVD are similar to those of Marburg virus disease.It can also easily be confused with many other diseases common in Equatorial Africa such as other viral hemorrhagic fevers, falciparum malaria, typhoid fever, shigellosis, rickettsial diseases such as typhus, cholera, gram negative septicemia, borreliosis such as relapsing fever or EHEC enteritis. Other infectious diseases that should be included in the differential diagnosis include the following: leptospirosis, scrub typhus, plague, Q fever, Candidiasis, histoplasmosis, trypanosomiasis, visceral leishmaniasis, hemorrhagic smallpox, measles, and fulminant viral hepatitis.[citation needed] Non infectious diseases that can be confused with EVD are acute promyelocytic leukemia, hemolytic uremic syndrome, snake envenomation, clotting factor deficiencies platelet disorders, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, Kawasaki disease, and even warfarin poisoning.
6. Benefits of Stevia - What are the Benefits of Stevia
A number of studies show that Stevia can be beneficial in the treatment of many health conditions. Stevia is believed to have antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiglycemic, and antihypertensive properties which may help with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, weight loss, cold and flu, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones or osteoporosis, streptococcus, Candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, rashes, itchiness, blemishes, acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dermatitis, eczema, and wrinkles. It may also improve energy levels, strengthen immune system, stimulate mental activity, and may also help in withdrawl from tobacco and alcohol addiction.

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