Daily Meditation can Improve your Life
Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Meditate early in the morning
Make better choices for yourself
Heal your relationships
Increase your productivity at work
Stop the pointless worrying
Accept lifes challenges with grace and ease
Living With Kindness
Lightening the Load
Letting Go of Me
Dissolving Anger and Fear
Awakening Forgiveness
Generating Harmlessness
Appreciating Appreciation
Being Aware
Heals and Harmonizes
Gives You a Glimpse of Infinity
Makes You a Master of Time
Gives You an Unshakable Smile
Develops a Pleasant Personality
Spreads Happiness and Peace
Rejuvenates You
Refreshes the Mind
Nurtures Creativity
Gives Clarity of Mind
Improves Communication Skills
Make it a formal practice
Start with the breath
Stretch first
Meditate with Purpose
Notice frustration creep up on you
Feel your body parts
Pick a specific room in your home to meditate
Read a book on meditation
Commit for the long haul
Generate moments of awareness during the day
Make sure you will not be disturbed
For beginning meditators
Use a candle
Do Not Stress
Do it together
time to practice
Be Grateful at the end

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  • Treat dandruff from the inside, not the outside.

    Numerous medicated shampoos are available in the market for the treatment of dandruff. Most of these, however, in the process of curing the disorder, cause irreparable damage to the hair roots because of the synthetic ingredients contained in them. The treatment of dandruff has to be constitutional, if a permanent cure is desired. The foremost consideration in the treatment of this disorder is to keep the hair and scalp clean so as to minimise the accumulation of dead cells. The hair should be brushed daily to improve the circulation and remove any flakiness. The most effective way to brush the hair is to bend forward from the waist with the head down towards the ground, and brush from the nape of the neck towards the top of the head. Short or shoulder-length hair can be brushed right from the roots to the ends in one stroke. In the case of long hair, two strokes would be best to avoid stretching the hair.
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