Healthy Arms
In human anatomy, the arm is the upper limb of the body, comprising regions between the shoulder.
26. Triceps Stretch The Move
Slowly inhale and bend your elbows, lowering the weights to the sides of your head. Make sure to keep your elbows still, pointing straight up at all times; move only your forearms. Exhale and raise the weights back to the ceiling.Training tip: Roll a small towel and place it under your neck for extra support if you are feeling any strain in the neck area.
27. Drink up for dynamite arms
Be sure to drink eight or more glasses of pure spring water in between meals to keep your appetite at bay, support metabolism and burn fat. Dont drink more than a few ounces with your meals because too much water during meals can dilute stomach acid and impair digestion. Drinking pure spring water throughout the rest of your day will also help balance your stress hormones, which can increase even if you are just mildly dehydrated. Sodas, coffee and sugary sports drinks pretending to be water do not count as your daily water intake.
28. Diet & fitness tips for slim
Of course the right upperbody exercises are crucial for shaping slim and sexy arms, but its only one part of my integrated program for creating the arms and body of your dreams. You must also feed your arms so that youre building muscle while burning off the fat. Here are my top six nutrition and exercise tips from Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy that you can put into action today for trim, toned arms.
29. Chest Press on Ball
Start position: Position yourself on the ball so your upper back and head are supported on the ball, with your lower body supported by your legs in a bridge position, hips lifted. Bring the weights to your chest, elbows bent. Movement: Press weights up towards the ceiling, squeezing your chest muscles as you straighten your arms. Lower and repeat.
30. Fast muscle, no weights
When you dont have access to a gym, you can still hit every part of your triceps using rockback pressups. Start in the regular pressup position, but instead of lowering your chest, slide your body back, bending your elbows. It hurts, but its a quick way to add visible size.

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  • Home Remedies - Foot Corns

    1. Tie a fresh slice of lemon over the corn (painful area) and keep it all night.
    2. Massage castor oil on the corns every morning and night before sleeping. Massage for 2-3 minutes so that the oil gets absorbed. In 3-4 weeks the corns will disappear.
    3. Mash 1-2 cloves (laung) & garlic (lasan) and tie over the corns. Keep overnight.
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