Healthy Blood
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Add some spice
Flavour food with lots of pepper.Pepper is a strong, dominant flavour that can help you to reduce your taste for salt. Without salt, meals may seem bland for a couple of days, but your taste buds can easily be retrained. Add more pepper and, if that doesnt appeal, try garlic, lemon, ginger, basil or other spicy flavours you enjoy. After a week, old favourite foods will taste extremely oversalted and your blood pressure will be singing your praises.

Eat healthily
Live a healthy lifestyle
Nibble dark chocolate
Stop Dieting
Get moving
Exercise To Burn Off Excess Cortisol
Sleep Well
Snack Smart and Healthy
Curb Added Sugars with No Calorie Drinks
Explore and Learn from Past Actions
Add some spice
Choose a better beverage
Monitor your blood pressure regularly
Spice It Up
Eliminate Wheat
Munch on nutritious snacks
Get a better nights sleep
Shake the salt habit
Avoid tobacco
Add flaxseeds to food

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