Healthy Elbow
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21. Avoid repeated cortisone injections
By now studies have confirmed that not only do steroid injections provide only shortterm relief, they can directly damage tendons, increasing risk of rupture.
22. Inject your own blood platelets to boost healing
This popular blood spinning procedure has been shown to be much more effective vs. cortisone at twoyear follow up and recently was shown to be 84 percent effective in the worlds largest multicenter placebo controlled clinical trial for plateletrich plasma (PRP). This therapy is best for chronic nonhealing tendons, as results may take 46 months for healing to occur. Most cases of tennis elbow will self resolve within two years, but these seven tips can help speed the process to get you back on the court or, more likely, back on the keyboard.

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  • Home Remedies - Hiccups

    1. Drink glass water, slowly. w Keep a teaspoon of sugar in your month and suck slowly.
    2. Swallow teaspoon mustard seeds (sarson) mixed with teaspoon pure ghee.
    3. Grind 4 cardamom (chhoti illaichi) well. Boil it in 2 cups or litre water. When about 1 cup water remains, remove from fire and sieve it through a muslin cloth. Let it cool. When warm, drink a glassful. Works like magic.
    4. Suck 2-3 small pieces of fresh ginger (adrak). This helps in hiccups which keep occurring again and again
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