Healthy Foot
The foot is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Dont Forget Your Toenails
Love getting pedicures? The technique matters. Clumsy trimming can lead to hangnails and ingrown toenails.Also, make sure the nail technician gently pushes back the cuticle rather than cuts it, which can lead to an infection.If you do your own nails, look for nail nippers that have a curved handle and a cutting jaw shaped to follow the natural curve of nails.Your nails naturally become more brittle with age. Ingredients in some nail polish and polish remover can speed the process, drying out your nails. Elle, a celebrity manicurist who writes a blog for Barielle Cosmetics, suggests her clients use polish that is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. She also recommends using a nail polish remover free of alcohol.To moisturize your toenails, Elle suggests using a cuticle cream, petroleum jelly, or vitamin E oil. Put it over the entire nail, including the cuticle, and gently rub it in.

Inspect Your Feet Every Day
Fight Fungus
Smooth It Out
Opt for Non-Impact Aerobics
Cut toenails properly
Never trim corns and calluses
Wear Sunscreen
Choose breathable footwear
Check with your doctor
Keep Your Skin Dry
Wear shoes that fit properly
Dont hide ugly toenails with polish
Inspect your feet daily
Consider Orthotics
Protect your feet in public areas
Quit Smoking Now
Avoid loose or tight fitting socks
Weekly Care
Skip Hot Tubs

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  • Herbal Medicine - Garlic

    Known as: Garlic (E), La´suna (H)
    The delicious bulbs of this annual are a veritable herbal panacea. Ayurveda focuses on its positive digestive effect when there is cold and sluggishness, but warns of its inappropriate use in times of emotional stress and environmental heat. Rasona means ‘lacking a taste’, derived from rasa meaning ‘taste’ and una meaning ‘lacking’, as it lacks the sour taste.

    Digestion Garlic is a classic folk medicine used for gastric disturbances— flatulence, worms, parasites, infections, dysentery, typhoid, food poisoning, Candida albicans. Its ability to remove pathogenic bacteria without depleting the body’s natural flora takes it a step beyond being just a ‘herbal antibiotic’. As it cleans the intestinal flora it may increase wind for a few days. It is useful whenever there is a disturbance of kledaka kapha or apana vayu in the intestines as it clears both mucus and gaseous distension. It can also stimulate a sluggish liver (Mills 1991). Lungs The little white bulbs have a potent therapeutic effect on the lungs; the volatile oils actually appear on the breath having cleaned the bronchioles and alveoli. It is strongly decongestant. As a rejuvenative for vata it encourages the free flow of breath, specifically udana and pranavayu. As an expectorant it can help to clear wet and sticky mucus. A very useful cold remedy with classic kapha symptoms; catarrh, heavy feeling, sluggishness, loss of appetite, shivering, aching limbs, myalgia. Garlic helps to expel the congestion and ama by inducing diaphoresis. Immunity It enhances the body’s immunity as well as directly removing pathogens. It can be both a prophylactic and a cure for many infections. Heart It directly benefits the heart by reducing kapha and ama in the rasa, rakta and medas dhatus and this has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol and reducing clotting; potential use in thrombosis and varicose veins. Its inclusion in a preventative regime to reduce the chances of atherosclerosis in kapha and vata types seems wise (Mills 1991). As a circulatory stimulant it warms the whole body. This regulatory effect on the circulation and the arteries is further demonstrated by either lowering or raising blood pressure depending on the condition; it balances, restores and regulates. External With kapha–vata skin disorders garlic is very useful as a paste or oil; ringworm, fungal infections, ear infections. An external oil rub may benefit arthritis, sciatica, oedema (Paranjpe 2001).
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