Healthy Leg
Healthy Legs is a complete resource for vein health, with information about leg veins, spider veins.
1. Learn to maintain your legs
Are you naturally klutzy or do you just fall down a lot? Try to be more careful; falling can not only hurt your legs but also cause bruises, cuts and scars.
2. Shave your legs as often as needed
Figure out the best and easiest method of hair removal for you. Some people prefer waxing; some like shaving. With the great products now available for shaving, its easy to find a good shaving gel and a good quality razor. Be careful about your razor choice; sometimes expensive is better. Some people think it is better to shave at night, because it gives your legs a chance to wake up.
3. Use leg makeup
Use leg makeup if you must, but be cautious as it will transfer to other products. Spray on makeup for your legs is also available. It helps cover up bruises and other imperfections for special events, but is not suggested for daily use.
4. Exercise
Working out helps to develop shapely and toned legs. Some basic exercises you can do for great stems include:Jumping (with a jump rope or trampoline)Running/jogging,Walking,Riding a bike,Swimming,Stair climbing,Aerobics,Squats and/or lunges,Weight training. Consult a trainer for the correct weights and reps. Usually less weight and more reps will gently build muscle and tone without adding bulk.
5. Use a scrub
Always exfoliate and wash your legs before shaving them. It helps give them a natural glow from taking off dead skin cells.

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