Healthy Nails
A nail is a horn-like envelope covering the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanges of fingers.
1. Stop biting and picking your nails
Biting nails or being too aggressive when cleaning out under the nail can create stress fractures on the corners of the edges and eventually cause breaks, says Kimmie Kyees. Also, rubbing the top of your nails its a nervous habit some women have and it may cause severe ridges in the top of the nail plate.
2. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning
Kyees advises women to use rubber gloves when they are using household cleaners to provide a barrier of protection against harmful chemicals that break the nail down.
3. Go easy on the water
When you are constantly in water, your nails will become weaker when they are actually wet and tear more easily, explains Kyees. Nails are porous and absorb water, so they will need to dry a little after being submerged in water or doing cleaning or bathing.
4. Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health
Regular manicures, which includes filing the nails and cuticle care, is crucial, according to Deborah Lippmann. Moisturizing cuticles daily is also a key component to maintaining healthy, beautiful nails.
5. Slip into a pair of warm winter gloves before braving the cold
Winter temperatures can seriously dry and deteriorate your nails, so make sure to wear gloves when you go out, says Jin Soon Choi.

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