Human Body Facts
The human body is one of the biggest marvels of nature. Each organ has a distinct & unique function.
1. Lungs
The human body has lungs which have 300,000 capillaries (thin blood vessels). When laid end to end they would cover 1500 miles or 2400 kilometres.
2. Finger and toe nail
Our finger or toe nail takes 6 months to grow right from the base to its outer tip.
3. Skin 01
Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It covers roughly 2 square metres of area. It constantly keeps replenishing throughout the life. In the process it sheds about 80 kg of dead skin cells.
4. The Testes
Ten million new sperm cells everyday are produced by the human testicles. If each one fertilizes it can duplicate our planet's population in only six months.
5. The Ovaries
The ovaries of a human female have 5,00,000 eggs yet only 300 -400 eggs only have the capability to create a new baby.

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