Jaundice is a yellowish pigmentation of the skin, the conjunctival membranes over the sclerae .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Diet Changes
The simple form of jaundice can be cured rapidly by diet therapy and exercises. Recovery will, however, be slow in serious cases which have been caused by obstruction or pressure in the bile ducts. The patient should rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside.

The patient should be put on a juice fast for a week. The juices of oranges, lemons, grapes, pears, carrots, beets and sugarcane can be taken. A hot water enema should be taken daily during this period to ensure regular bowel elimination, thereby preventing the absorption of decomposed, poisonous material into the blood stream.

Tests and diagnosis
Types of Jaundice
Jaundice diagnosis
Diet Changes
When to see a doctor
Jaundice treatment
The non drug treatment of jaundice
Tests for jaundice
Posthepatic jaundice
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Symptoms of jaundice
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Intrahepatic jaundice

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  • To prevent constipation, get your fibre.

    To prevent constipation, consume fibre. Fibre in the diet promotes more frequent bowel movements and softer stools having increased weight. The softness of stools is largely due to the presence of emulsified gas which is produced by the bacterial action on the fibre. A high fibre intake results in greater efficiency in the peristaltic movement of the colon. This helps in relieving the constipation which is the main cause of several acute and chronic diseases.
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