Mind Belowing Tips for Health
Mind Belowing Tips for Health
1. Health
It can make or break your happiness and hustle factor. Give your body what it needs movement and real food. Your reward? Its energy and clear thinking. Feed your body garbage and your life will become a dumping ground.
2. Eat Real Food
You dont have to be a vegan, go Paleo or diet to be healthy. Just eat high quality, nutritious foods and eliminate processed crap. Eat foods that come from the earth; not out of a box or bag.
3. Exercise
Short on time? Exercising for15 minutes, 3 days each week, can add 3 years to your life. Or, getyour own kettlebellcomplete 75-100 swings 3 days a week totransform your body.
4. Consistency
Consistency is important, but so is indulgence. 80% of the time stick to lean protein, veggies, fruit, andhealthy fats. Fill the remaining 20% with comfort foods and sweets that you cant live without.
5. Thirty in thirty
Meaning 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. This habit takes the thinking out of the breakfast equation, leaving you full and energized. Think egg whites, whey protein or Greek yogurt for a quick and easy 30 in 30.

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