Mind Belowing Tips for Health
Mind Belowing Tips for Health. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Do The Work
Because you believe in it, because you care, because you can. Persist despite second-guessing. Do it consistently today, tomorrow and every day after that.

Go It Alone
Do The Work
Add Value
Talk To Yourself
Study The Stoics
Boost The Burn
Thirty in thirty
Do Things That Suck
Stop Lying
Dont Hate Congratulate
F is for Failure
Write Your Mission Statement
Know Thyself
Eat Real Food
Be clueless and confident
Hustle Hard

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  • Deep Cleansing - Steam cleansing

    Add 5 drops essential oil of sandalwood to a bowl of hot water. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel for five minutes. Inhale the aromatic steam, keeping mouth and eyes closed. (Avoid if you have asthma or a respiratory condition.)
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