Mosquito Prevention
Mosquitoes are widespread, here are some tested methods to prevent you from mosquitoes.
1. Do not let the water collect
Do not let the water collect in objects like plastic wrappers, tarps, tires, planter saucers, kids' toys and clogged gutters. Change the water in the birdbaths at least twice a week, and change the water in outdoor pet bowls regularly. For items such as recycling bins, drill drainage holes to prevent standing water
2. Grow the right plants
Mosquitoes detest the smell of plants such as Horsemint, Rosemary, Marigold, Ageratum, Agastache Cana, and Catnipt. Simply crush the leaves to release their scent, or rub them on your skin and clothing for protection from mosquitoes
3. Save your Parsley
You can make your own mosquito repellent by putting crushed parsley in a jar of apple cider vinegar. Rub the concoction on your skin or dip a handkerchief in it, which you can tie around your neck or wrist.
4. Wear light color clothes
It has been observed that mosquitos are attracted towards dark colors, Wear white and light color clothes , this definitely helps.
5. Keep it breezy
Mosquitos don't like to face windy conditions, Sit next to or under a fan running on full speed to keep the mosquitos away

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