Pregnancy Health Care
Pregnancy health tips, Pregnancy Tips.
1. Know the signs of labour
a) Read about child birth and know the signs of labour.
b) Communicate it to your partner
2. Prepare the nursery or a child's corner in your home
a) Getting a child's corner or a nursery ready at home gives the ‘to – be mom' a great pleasure.
b) Both you and your partner can shop together for the things required for it
3. Be careful while taking any medication
a) Inform your practitioner about your pregnancy if you need to take any medication.
b) Many medicines are not allowed during pregnancy so be informed
4. Have an alcohol free pregnancy
a) Avoid taking alcohol during pregnancy as it is seen to cause developmental problems in the foetus.
b) If you are addicted, reduce the intake to the minimum
5. Travel guidelines during pregnancy
a) Travel should be avoided during the first trimester as there are chances of a miscarriage or other complications.
b) Travel in the second and third trimester is safe up to 30-32 weeks.
c) Travel after 32-33 weeks becomes dangerous as there might be chances of pre mature labour. Ask your practitioner and travel only if you must.

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  • Any cure begins with detoxification.

    To heal disease, first remove toxins. The first and most basic principle of nature cure is that all forms of disease are due to the same cause, namely, the accumulations of waste materials and bodily refuse in the system. These waste materials in the healthy individual are removed from the system through the organs of elimination. In the diseased person, toxins are steadily piling up in the body through years of faulty habits of living. These bad habits are such as wrong feeding, improper care of the body and habits contributing to enervation and nervous exhaustion such as worry, overwork and excesses of all kinds. It follows from this basic principle that the only way to cure disease is to employ methods which will enable the system to throw off these toxic accumulations. All natural treatments are actually directed towards this end.
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