The Unusual Uses For Honey
Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers.
1. Improves memory
Composed of mostly carbohydrates and water, honey also brings with it some vitamins and minerals. These substances help the body both absorb calcium (a necessary mineral for thought processing) and prevent cellular damage which leads to the decline of memory.
2. Makes baked goods more tender
Honeys sweetness means it can be substituted in baked goods to create a more tender texture. Since honey is a humectant it attracts and holds water molecules cookies, cakes, pastries and more will stay softer. Since the same amount of honey is sweeter than table sugar, only substitute part of the white sugar called for with the bee food.
3. Hangover helper
Due to honeys high fructose levels, consuming a spoonful of honey or drinking a tea (even better as youll get much needed hydration) with honey helps your body digest alcohol more rapidly, staging off a morning hangover or helping it disappear faster.
4. Honey as a face scrub
Did you know honey can be used as a facial cleanser? In contrast to most facial cleansers which are pumped with chemicals, honey is natural and has antibiotic properties which clear off dead skin cells and remove bacteria and impurities from our skin. To make this unusual cleanser, mix honey with coconut oil in a 12 formula and use as a standard facial scrub.
5. Honey as an antibiotic
Honey can be dabbed onto a wound to help encourage healing and prevent bacterial growth. Tests have shown honey can contain or kill bacteria such as E. coli as Staphylococcus strains and, due to its hygroscopic nature, can act as an antibiotic when rubbed directly onto cuts or wounds. When shopping, know that the darker the honey, the stronger its antibacterial properties.

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