Tips to Protect Your Heart
Protect your heart. Most of the major cardiovascular disease risks factors, such as physical inactiv
1. Brush your teeth
The bacteria lurking in your mouth doesnt just cause tooth decay and bad breath. It also speeds up the rate at which plaque develop in your arteries, making you more susceptible to heart disease. The more you brush, the healthier your heart.
2. Get some sun
Exposure to sunlight can help lower blood pressure, according to one UK study. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh believe that sunshine reduces nitric oxide levels in the skin and blood. Just limit exposure to 30 minutes a day to reduce your risk of skin cancer.
3. Look on the bright side
Optimists are less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke compared to pessimists, according to aHarvard School of Public Health review of more than 200 studies. If youre feeling down, try exercising. Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can be enough to improve your mood.
4. Stop smoking
Women who smoke more than double their risk of sudden cardiac death, according to an American Heart Association study. You dont have to be a heavy smoker to be affected even smoking an occasional cigarette can damage your heart, say experts.
5. Check your cholesterol
Get your cholesterol levels checked

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