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35. Marichasana
Marichi's Pose
Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose). Bend your left knee and place the foot on the floor, with the heel as close to the left sitting bone as possible. Keep the right leg strong and rotated slightly inward, grounding the head of the thighbone into the floor. Press the back of the right heel and the base of the big toe away from the pelvis. Make sure the inner left thigh presses firmly against the left side of the torso.As a preparation for the full pose, twist your torso to the right and press the back of the left shoulder against the inside of the left knee. Use this leverage to lengthen the left side of the torso along the thigh. Then gently unwind and face forward.Reach your left arm forward and rotate it inwardly, so the thumb points to the floor and the palm faces out to the left. As you reach the left arm forward, lengthen your torso forward and snuggle the left shin into the armpit. Then on an exhalation, sweep the forearm around the outside of the leg. The left hand will press against the outside of the left thigh or buttock.With another exhalation, sweep the right arm around behind your back. Clasp the right wrist in the left hand. Exhale and extend your torso forward from the groins, keeping the lower belly long. Lower the front torso as closely as possible to the right leg. Be sure the shoulders don't scrunch up into the ears; draw the shoulders blades actively down your back.Stay in position for 30 seconds to a minute, then come up as you inhale. Repeat on the other side for the same length of time.
Start by sitting in the Dandasana or Staff Pose.Your upper torso and lower body should be at right angles to each other with your spine at right angles to the floor.The shoulders should be relaxed and the rib cage should be lifted up.Bend your right leg at the knee.Place your right foot flat on the floor with the heel as close to the right buttock as possible.Your left leg should remain extended and rotated slightly inwards with the thigh pressed downwards on the floor.You right arm should be behind you with the palm on the floor to help maintain your balance. Make sure your spine is stretched to its maximum and begin your twist.Take a deep breath and as you exhale, twist your torso towards the right.Your left arm should be bent with the hand pointing upwards.If possible, place the bent left elbow in the outer crook of the bent right knee.If you cannot accomplish this without losing your balance, then hold on to your outer right knee with your left hand. Your twist should be accomplished by revolving your spine and turning your stomach towards the bent right knee. Maintain your weight equally on both the inner and outer part of your right foot.Do not allow the right leg to be pushed either outwards or inwards from its original position. Maintain your weight equally on both of your sitting bones.Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds, twisting and lengthening with each breath.Return to the Dandasana position and repeat the pose in the opposite direction to complete a set.Do 5 sets, gradually increasing the duration of each set.
1. Stretches the spine and the back muscles.
2. Increases the flexibility and strength of the spine.
3. Stretches and loosens the shoulder muscles.
4. Massages the internal organs and glands make them function effectively.
5. Opens up the breathing passages.
6. Improves digestion.
7. Helps to relieve fatigue and rejuvenates the body.
8. May help ease menstrual pain.
These are some of the precautions you should take for the Sage Marichi Twist Pose.
Warm up your body before attempting this pose. A good warm up exercise is
Seated pose

Suptha Veerasana
Purna Shalabhasana
Pincha Mayurasana

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